2 year old, launches with new design

Online education is becoming more popular every day and with it resources and content curated by users as well. Having this in mind terms like online education, massive online open courses or MOC’s, are not unknown anymore while recourses that solve user problems and give advice on how to proceed with them are plenty.

In Kosovo, two years ago a young startup started something that is called in Albanian (meaning How to), focusing on offering advice on different topics that start with the words How to and giving different pieces of advice and solutions on how to make things happen. Starting from How to change a tire and going into the process of How to become a ninja, all are topics that one can find in Albanian at, which has been growing ever since.

According to statistics from the website, over 20 million articles have been viewed and many questions have been answered by contributing articles from different users.

To celebrate this occasion, founded by Valon Badivuku and Korab Osmanaj has launched with a new flat design, done by Berin Hasi, a fantastic and talented designer from Kosovo and the development of Kutia Web Agency, a young start-up, which has been doing quite some amazing new products lately. The latest features of include the possibility to generate topics that are not present on the website and in different topics, health, family, social relations, love, cars or recipes for cooking.

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