5 Reasons Pioneers Festival Can’t Be Missed

In less than four weeks, from 30 – 31 October, the Pioneers Festival will bring together well-known national and international entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists, tech‐enthusiasts, media representatives, and pioneers in a variety of fields to celebrate a new age of pioneering in Austria’s capital city.

With more than 2,500 participants Pioneers Festival is not to be solely another web conference instead it goes beyond by focusing on innovative future technologies and the important role they play. It is then taken one step further by giving access to these technologies and allowing participants their own experience.

These are top 5 reasons why you should not miss the Festival:


1. Pioneers Festival is not just another web conference

I came to inspire, but came away inspired! Amazing presentations, parties, and most of all people – Unforgettable! – Adam Cheyer, Founder of Apple’s Siri.

Adam Cheyer will be back at the Pioneers Festival together with Vishal Sharma, VP of Google Now and most likely Siri’s biggest competitor, whereas participants will be able to hear his vision of the virtual assistant and Apple’s and how they envision the future for personal assistants.

2. Innovation and Inspiration Wonderland

“Pioneers Festival is the panacea for a tech world gone mad they bring balance to the force and give us food for thought, inspiration we can use every day in our lives and in our companies – Jennifer Kite Powell Hicks, Editor Forbes.

The stage of Pioneers Festival will have some of the world’s most forward-thinking explorers who will share their visions on how entrepreneurship and technological innovation can change the course of human history. Bas Landstrop, co-founder and CEO of Mars One, Charles Adler, co-founder of Kickstarter and Peter Platzer, co-founder and CEO of Nanosatisfi, will be just a few names to mention for the Pioneers Festival 2013 lineup.

3. Live demos and product launches

I had such an amazing time at Pioneers. I go to tons of conferences each year and this was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. – Ayelett Noff, Founder of Blonde 2.0.

Besides panel discussions and keynotes, startup pitches and networking opportunities, Pioneers Festival actually serves as a real Launchpad for future technologies and gadgets that will change our life for good.

Thalmic Labs CEO Stephen lake and his co-founder will share their incredibly powerful Gesture Control Consumer technology live on Stage and for the first time in Europe. Braintribe has chosen the festival as the Launchpad for their latest innovation, tribefire a disruptive development approach and revolutionary technology designed to combine Big data, mobility and cloud into smart enterprise information apps.

4. Pioneers Festival’s Startup Challenge serves as the starting point for global success

We support future rich ideas and projects that go far beyond the web/mobile area. This includes, for example, artificial intelligence and robotics. Juergen Furian, Co-Founder of Pioneers Festival.

The very first startup to win the Startup Challenge in 2011 (later known as the Pioneers Award) was mySugr, a diabetes management app. The company has now not only successfully launched in the US but also has New York Times bestselling author and tech advisor Tim Ferriss on its advisory board. Another Austrian startup Runtastic, will be launching a new application during the conference. And many other brands as well.

5. The Hofburg Imperial Palace as the event location

It was my first Pioneers this year and I was blown away by the quality of the production, the beauty of the venue and the overall atmosphere of the event. Renaud Visage, Founder, Eventbrite.

The Imperial Palace has housed some of the most powerful people not only Austrian, but European history as well. With the Pioneers Festival it begins a new age with the Imperial Palace serving as a starting point. This mix between past and present, history and future, sets the perfect stage to celebrate entrepreneurship and innovative technologies.

Among many event partners and supporters, Digjitale is proud to be enlisted on the media partners section. We highly encourage your participation so, if you miss the Festival it’s going to be your loss.