54 hours of Startup Weekend back in Pristina

On the 22-24 November this year Pristina is hosting the fourth edition of Startup Weekend, which brings together designers, developers and non-technical people to create products, solve real-world problems and make an impact in their economy.

StartUp Weekend is a global program that brings together people interested in startups, entrepreneurship, design, and innovation over a 54-hour period. People get to pitch ideas, join teams, and get advice from coaches and mentors on building for success. Tens of thousands of people have participated in events across the world and thousands of companies have been started.

On Friday night, people come in with ideas and get 60 seconds to pitch them in front of the audience. After the initial voting, teams form-up and they work hard until Sunday, when they pitch in front of a Jury which has investors too.

Experienced coaches will be together with the teams throughout the weekend, while food and drinks, and above all fun won’t be missing. The top team will get the chance to win some prices as well, like 1-3 months of pre-incubation at the Innovation Centre Kosovo, 2 months of free usage of the coworking space at ICK with possible extension, marketing budget, coaching and some other unannounced prices.

This years edition of Startup Weekend Pristina, is also part of the Global Startup Battle and the Global Entrepreneurship Week, where more than 200 cities compete with each other on a global scale and get the chance to win some amazing prices, like a trip to US at the Google Complex, mentoring, etc.

Until next week participants have the chance to grab an early bird ticket of only 10 euros, while afterwards prices change. Startup Weekend is also known to be on of the top events in Kosovo, focused on entrepreneurship and giving young entrepreneurs to turn their idea into a real business. Since three events now, Startup Weekend has made a huge impact in the economy of the country and has achieved to establish start-ups that after the intensive 54 hours are still working and becoming bigger every day. Register now:

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