7 Ways to Develop for Apple Watch

If you’re an iOS developer and haven’t yet learned how to build apps for the Apple Watch by using its WatchKit framework, you’re a little late. Yet again there’s still hope.

If you’re an iOS developer and haven’t yet learned how to build apps for the Apple Watch by using its WatchKit framework, you’re a little late. Yet again there’s still hope.

The internet is buzzing around with comments and articles about the newly (possibly game changing) Apple Watch. There is great interest, which means great possibilities for developers to start making some more money.

I learned a great deal from the following resources I am sharing with you. I developed an Apple Watch app for MoneyCoach – The best personal finance trainer, which is now under review by Apple. I also started developing 2 apps for Apple Watch.

So I can say that these tutorials have done their job! If you have not started to develop apps for Apple Watch yet, or are new to the game like everybody else, these are the top 7 ways to start developing for Apple Watch:



The best way probably to learn Apple Watch development is Udemy. It offers a lot of tutorials, ranging from beginners to experienced developers. I personally love it and I bought these two courses for myself.

The best part is that no prior programming experience is required. If you’ve got some programming experience already however, you’ll have everything you need to dive headfirst into Apple Watch’s WatchKit and Swift so that you can work to an impressive skill level.

Course Details:


The Complete Apple Watch Development course – Build 15 apps

Course Details:

The course covers the apple watch specifications (hardware and software), fundamentals of object oriented programming using Swift, tons of exercises with solutions to make sure you strengthen your degree of understanding, swift playgrounds, and a dozen real useful Apple Watch apps built from scratch, with the final completed source code for you to enjoy!

Pro tip: Udemy makes great discounts from time to time. Just register for their newsletter.

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I use AppCoda to this day for learning new tricks and new ways. The have great step by step tutorials that gets you through. &


Ray Wenderlich

As long as you have the necessary iOS skills Xcode, Cocoa TouchObjective-CSwift, etc. these free tutorials and resources will help you learn WatchKit quickly.

Developer Greg Heo describes WatchKit as the framework for Apple Watch in the same way that Cocoa Touch acts as the framework for the iPhone. This tutorial shows you how to create a WatchKit app with Swift, so apologies to all the developers who still haven’t switched from Objective-C.


Apple Watch Resources from Apple

Naturally, one of the best sources of information is from the people who made the Apple Watch and programmed WatchKit. Use these links to learn general information about both or get into developing for WatchKit.


This Is What You Need To Know About WatchKit

This guide explains the relationship between the Apple Watch and iPhone along with crucial elements of WatchKit such as glances and notifications. It comes from Bart Jacobs, the director of Code Foundry, a company that specializes in teaching iOS development.


Developing Apple Watch Apps’s guide is somewhat similar to Tuts+s guide, but spends more time focusing on Xcode. It also stresses the point that you will not be able to develop Apple Watch apps unless you learn iOS skills first.


WatchKit Swift Tutorial on Youtube

The videos in this tutorial walk you through setting up Apple Watch and WatchKit with your phone and then beginning to create apps. Again, you’ll have to know Swift before you start.


Bottom Line

If you start by learning today, you can learn and publish your Apple Watch app in less than a month. So you will be on time for the Apple Watch official release date. Just put your foot on the gas pedal and if you have questions, just follow me on Twitter or send me an email.


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