Dentem, Albanian startup developing dental innovation

It’s not often we get the chance to share stories from Albania, especially from the startup scene, but something has come to our attention lately, and the buzz is already here and it’s called Dentem.

TechCrunch Meetup Tirana

Editor at Large of TechCrunch, Mike Butcher hosted another informal TechCrunch Meetup, this time in Tirana, where the Albanian startup community got the chance to learn more about TechCrunch and how to get the attention of media outside their own country.

6 Albanian startups to watch

A couple of days ago we shared a story about 7 Kosovo Startups to Watch, which created a lot of noise around the community and led to dozens of requests

ABC Accelerator is getting ready for new startups

ABC accelerator is getting ready to launch its 3rd program for startups – this time under the name Commercial Tech. They describe it as the champion amongst their programs and are confident it will carve a new and profitable niche for their startups.

Web Summit gathers over 42,000 participants in Dublin

This years edition of Web Summit in Dublin, Ireland greeted about 42,000 participants from over 135 countries

Pirates on the shores of Tirana and Skopje

Between February and June 2015, over 45 + local events called Pirates on Shore, are happening around Europe connecting entrepreneurs with Venture Capitalists and Business Angels. The Master Minds of Pirate Summit have teamed up with VCs to gather after…