Albania is getting ready for 4G LTE

Eagle Mobile is working diligently to bring the latest 4G mobile technology to its users. With the support of the ALBtelecom, the mobile operator is getting ready to bring the Albanians the newest technology that offers high-speed data transmission.

Eagle Mobile has already tested the new 4G wireless technology in Albania, or as it is otherwise called LTE (Long Term Evolution). LTE is the latest standard for wireless communication of high-speed data and all-IP technology. Tests were conducted at Eagle Mobile headquarters using the existing 1800 MHz frequencies. During the tests, it was successfully reached a 127 Mbps download speed and further testing will continue to reach 150 Mbps.

Eagle Mobile is working with Huawei and Cisco on the construction of the 4G-LTE network infrastructure while it currently offers the best 3.5G technology in the country, which brings to Albanians a broadband Internet speed that reaches a capacity of 40 Mbps in laboratory conditions.