The Albanian Alphabet (Alfabeti Shqip) launched on iTunes

In the digital sphere, the apps around education are growing in number every day. According to The Guardian 2014 feels like a big year for apps and by extension tablets in education.

Initiatives are already well underway around the world to get tablets into classrooms, from affordable Android devices in India to iPads in California. Yes, a growing number of children have access to them at home, but schools will be key in ensuring those that don’t aren’t left on the other side of a new digital divide.

So what will schools put on these tablets? It feels like a big moment for developers making educational apps and services to redouble their efforts, in the knowledge that there will be a market for their products.

Which raises all kinds of interesting questions about how education authorities, schools, and individual teachers decide what apps to use, and how they dovetail with the existing curriculum.

Trigonom, is one of these companies focused on education and just recently they launched an interactive app that teaches Albanian kids around the world the Albanian alphabet in a fun and interactive way.


Targeting Albanians living abroad

Based on the quality and the heavy amount of work invested in the app one can see why Mentor Pacarada founder of Trigonom, has decided to launch Apple only. He states that the app targets Albanians living abroad, who don’t want their kids to forget their native language.

“We have a lot of Albanians living abroad, who would love still to teach their kids the Albanian alphabet. It’s kinda easy and at the same time entertaining for them to use an app to do this work” said Pacarada.

As the kid plays the game, he gets rewarded with stars in a kind of manner that reminds one of Angry Birds. A lovely child voice follows in every step, ensuring fun and joy even for adults.

The “Alfabeti Shqip” (Albanian alphabet) offers some other games as well like writing down the letters, remembering the letters, letter-train, and others. The basic version is for free, while the premium version costs $2,99 and gives you full access to the different features of the game/app.

While this is one of the first apps to come on iTunes by Trigonom, the company far from done with bringing products to market. In a few weeks the company will launch some other educational apps as well, all of which will be available for the global audience and will be available to download on iTunes.