DOKU:TECH brings the Albanian-American scientists who challenges the Big Bang Theory

DOKU:TECH is getting closer

DOKU:TECH is getting closer, but before the official kick-off of the event on 6-7 August in 2016, in Prizren, Kosovo, the capital of the country is hosting a special edition with the one and only Laura Mersini-Houghton, an Albanian-American cosmologist, and theoretical physicist, who will talk about her theory around the Multiverse, which she has defended in front of renowned scientists like Michio Kaku, Neil Turok and Andrei Linde.

In 1974, Stephen Hawking used quantum mechanics to show that black holes emit radiation. Since then, scientists have detected fingerprints in the cosmos that are consistent with this radiation, identifying an ever-increasing list of the universeâ€s black holes.

But Mersini-Houghton describes an entirely new scenario. She and Hawking both agree that as a star collapses under its own gravity, it produces Hawking radiation. However, in her new work, Mersini-Houghton shows that by giving off this radiation, the star also sheds mass. So much so that as it shrinks it no longer has the density to become a black hole.

Before a black hole can form, the dying star swells one last time and then explodes. A singularity never forms and neither does an event horizon. The take home message of her work is clear: there is no such thing as a black hole.


Changing our understanding of what nature is

Laura Mersini-Houghton is on the trail of, quite literally, the biggest secret code going. Her analysis of the faint microwave radiation that permeates the sky, called the Cosmic Microwave Background, reaches a startling conclusion: She believes that it (along with recent particle physics data) provides definitive, empirical evidence that our universe is just one of many. If proven to be true, this would change our understanding of what nature is and where its laws come from.


Mersini-Houghton received her BsC degree from the University of Tirana, Albania, and her M.Sc. from the University of Maryland. She was awarded a Ph.D. in 2000 by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. After earning her doctorate, Mersini-Houghton was a postdoctoral fellow at the Italian Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa from 2000 to 2002. In 2002 she had a postdoctoral fellowship for two years at Syracuse University. She accepted a job as faculty at the University of North Carolina, and in January 2004, she started as an assistant professor of theoretical physics and cosmology at UNC and was granted tenure in 2008.


DOKU:TECH Special Edition, July 21 in Prishtina

DOKU:TECH Special Edition will take place on July 21 in Prishtina and will bring an astonishing range of topics with scientific value and emerging technologies. This event will gather the curious audience who will learn the first regarding world class speakers, hackers, doers, thinkers, people who challenge ideas and practices who will hit the stage of DOKU:TECH this year.

DOKU:TECH Special Edition will start the illumination and theoretical discussions through the talk of the Albanian-American cosmologist, Laura Mersini-Houghton, thereby officially opening the third edition of DOKU:TECH 2016.

The pre-event will unveil all the details regarding the conference scheduled on August 6-7, 2016, this year’s theme, speakers, and topics. DOKU:TECH Special Edition leads the way before deep-diving into the futuristic event in Prizren, at Lidhja e Prizrenit.

Attend the event, it’s not to be missed.


More details soon…

DOKU:TECH explores and challenges the social implications of technological innovations through connectivity, content, openness and security. Taking place in the beautiful city of Prizren, Kosovo the event will gather reputable speakers, observers, explorers and builders from around the world to talk about open knowledge, digital security, privacy, social entrepreneurship and business.

We will gather to share knowledge and experiences, discuss issues related to our internet freedom, digital security, and surveillance, open knowledge. DOKU:TECH 2015 features intensive and powerful talks from speakers coming from various backgrounds with a common interest in technology, such as Peter Sunde, Deanna Zandt, Laurent Haug, Bruce Sterling, Dan McQuillan, Lane Becker, Jan Erik Nyrvaara.