Albanian diplomats somewhat active on Twitter

Over the past five years, Twitter has become an extremely powerful communication tool for world leaders. On one hand it enables Prime ministers or Presidents to broadcast what they are doing to local and global audience, while on the other hand it makes them even closer to citizens who want to follow their work.

Anyone can @mention a world leader, and may also have a discussion in this direction, which have been quite often present among leaders, position and opposition or citizens in Kosovo.

“The use of social networking is a way to strike down state on its own category,” said former senior advisor for Innovation of State Sechretary Hillary Clinton @alecjross  in February 2013. In fact, according to Twiplomacy, a number of governments are using Twitter to establish themselves on the digital map, to transmit messages to the global audience and to connect with networks around the world.

77% on Twitter

The study from Twiplomacy found out that 77% of the world leaders have accounts on Twitter, including the president, prime ministers, ministers and others. @BarackObama is still leading, followed by over 33 million followers and has recently become the fourth most popular account after Lady Gaga. Pope Francis is second with 7,200,332 followers, followed by the @Whitehouse with over 4 million followers and @LacasaBianca, is also in this position. Turkish President @cbabdullahgul and Prime Minister @rt_erdogan are among the top five most popular leaders, with over 3.4 million followers each.

Connections between leaders, Enver Hoxhaj amongst them

The personal account of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo Enver Hoxhaj with 2,412 followers has been ranked in the top 50 list of leaders who follow each other, where Barack Obama is accounted as the person with the least interactions with other leaders. In the middle of the list is @MFAKosovo, while @AlbanianMFA is on 46th place, followed by @MeGovernment (Montenegro Government) on the 49th position.

According to Twiplomacy , small states often use Twitter to give themselves more visibility in the global level, where for example Norway, Sweden and Kosovo, namely the Ministers of Foreign Affairs follow more than 80 global leaders and foreign ministers, with some hope for success in return.

Diplomatic Twitter users in Kosovo

In Kosovo, Enver Hoxha @enver_hoxhaj is very active in this regard and in many of his tweets, he gives a personal touch, while he sometimes over-tweets with tweets including two or three parts… which is somehow not practical to followers.

Kosovo President Atifete Jahjaga active since November 2012, tweets once per day, but rarely interacts and never respond. She tweets in English and Albanian, and does not follow any leader other than @enver_hoxhaj, and generally does not give personal feeling behind the account.

The account of the Prime Minister @PMKosovo  is associated with his web page and nothing interesting is being shared, and no one is being followed. The account simply lacks the personality behind the tweets and gives you the feeling of chasing a press release account rather than the account of the Prime Minister.

@MFAKosovo, on the other hand, is also active and often guides to things dealing with foreign policy and the work of @enver_hoxhaj.

Diplomatic Twitters users in Albania

In Albania, Edi Rama @ediramaal is one of the most followed politicians with over 68,000 followers on Twitter and has been active since March 28, 2011. The ex-Prime Minister Sali Berisha has two accounts, where the first one @saliberishal is not active, and the @saliberisha is not used that much, compared to how much he uses his Facebook page.

@AlbanianMFA and @MinJashtme are two accounts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Albania, that tweet every second day, mainly press releases. President of Albania has no active account in Twitter.

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