An active community from Prishtina on 500px

The famous photo site 500px, known for its high quality and high resolution images, uploaded by both professional photographers and amateur enthusiasts, featured some unique work by a hobbyist photographer and visual artist at hart, Adrian Limani from Prishtina, Kosovo.

In a brief talk with Diana Tula from the blog of 500px, Adrian 21, reveals that he is a self-taught photographer, focused on fine art imagery based on photo manipulations of images that he takes by himself.

His work is quite unique and interesting, with pictures that bring to life the imagination of the creator, like a boy playing basketball with the Sun, framing the moon, or even the Eifel Tower sinking in a light-bulb! Many of his pictures have been published on well-known newspapers around the world, such as the Daily Mail, The Sun, Photography Monthly Magazine, The Australian, etc, while his favorite toy stays the Nikon D7000T. Check out his portfolio on his 500px page.

500px has quite an active community of other users from Kosovo, Albania, the Balkan region and naturally the parts of the world, and it has achieved to have a niche on its own focusing on high quality photography, whereas Flickr has failed to do so and still struggles with a piece of the market. While Instagram is a bit out of this market, since it focuses strictly on mobile photos.

Just recently they have raised 8.8 million dollars in Series A financing from Andreessen Horowitz and Harrison Metal, which is on top of a small seed round they raised in early 2011. 500px is free to use while it has two premium subscription plans. The $25 plan includes unlimited uploads and galleries, while the $75 plan includes a portfolio or microsite, for professionals or aspiring professionals.