ARRRrrr to the Pirate Summit 2013

It is always a pleasure and also an honor being a media partner of such an exclusive event like Pirate Summit, especially since we have the privilege of being one of the few from this part of Europe. This year’s edition was even crazier with the presence of venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and journalists, dresses as pirates and focused less on presentations and more into chatting and networking.

Chief organizers Till Orhmann and Manuel Koelman, made sure that the event would host some amazing speakers like Evan Nisselson, Jan Reichelt, Renaud Visage, Max Niederhofer, Frank Thelen, Ingo Franz, Manuel Koelman, Taveet Hinrikus, etc and of course some great panels with the names like SItari TEli, Jason Ball, Milo, etc.

The reverse pitches of VC’s and accelerators were present this year as well, focusing on giving feedback to interested folks on how should the approach them, while the pitching competition was interesting as well, with some interesting names like Imagga – from Bulgaria, Avuba from Germany, Style Nest or, also from Germany.

The jury of Pirate Summit awarded three top prizes sponsored by Google (each 20,000 euros) in three categories. The Powerpoint killer bunkr, for which wrote about won the category Best Captain. StorPool, won the category – Toughest Sea in facing major challenges, and Closest to Treasure went to Fast Forward Imaging, who wants to shake up the market for product photography through an animation solution by making recording simple.

The highlight of the European Pirate Summit is certainly the most unusual venue of Odonien, Cologne which hosted many participants from across Europe in a true pirate spirit. The Pirate Summit offers an informal and creative space, where founders are met with donors, investors, VC’s, partners, etc.

The speakers share their experiences as startup founders and also give hints on how to run your business, what to avoid, how to get sufficient capital, etc. EPS was held this year during Pirate Week part of which were events like Corporate Summit, Pirate Hack, Lean Camp, Pirates on a Plane, etc.

Digjitale is an official media partner of Pirate Summit.