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This Mexican Telecom ad will creep you out

Technology can be exciting, but an ad from Mexican mobile company Movistar serves up a tale of a boy and girl, meeting over social media until it’s time to take things to the real world. Ad created by Y&R Mexico.

Trackmania Lagoon coming to PC

Ubisoft has announced that Trackmania Lagoon will be available for Windows PC on Uplay, Steam, and Maniaplanet on May 23rd, 2017. Trackmania Lagoon will take racers to tracks between fabulous palm trees and the crystal-clear bay waters of the Tropical Island…

How Google Captures the Entire Earth in 3D

Satellites collect 2D imagery, which is laid around the globe like an orange peel. The 3D imagery, however, is gathered via airplane, similar to how Google Street View cars grab photos from the ground. The images are overlapped, pieced together…

Ubisoft announces The Watch Dogs Film Fest

Kicking off the countdown to the launch of its newest installment in the blockbuster Watch Dogs franchise, Ubisoft has announced its first

Major DDoS attack takes down Amazon, Twitter and Netflix

A number of popular websites like Amazon, Twitter, Netflix and Spotify were down for some users on Friday

Startups awarded 2 million at a pitch competition in Belgrade

The winner of this year’s edition of Catch 2016 pitch competition

Entrepreneurs Dilemma: Work, Friends, Family, Sleep or Fitness!

Mark Zuckerberg’s sibling, Randi Zuckerberg has tweeted in 2011 about the entrepreneur’s dilemma, which according

How to Web 2016 getting ready for startup founders

Tech founders that have built global companies from scratch will share their impressive stories on the main stage of How to Web Conference 2016.

Startup Grind Tirana hosts Julien Coustaury

Startup Grind Tirana is hosting Julien Coustaury, Managing Parter of Fil Rouge Capital, with over 20 years of relevant experience in manufacturing and services, much of it at CEO level.

Bits & Pretzels invites founders to the Oktoberfest

Bits & Pretzels, the 3-day event for founders, startup enthusiasts, investors and business incubators which will take place from September 25 – 27 in the International Congress Center in Munich will gather more than 5,000 attendees