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7 Startup Lessons from Leonardo DiCaprio

A guest post by Perjan Duro and the similarities that Leonardo DiCaprio has with his struggle for an Oscar, and startups with their struggle for success and customers.

Your choice for a smartwatch, an Apple Watch!

We live in an age where technology is omnipresent, from our smartphones to smart toilet seats.

7 Ways to Develop for Apple Watch

If you’re an iOS developer and haven’t yet learned how to build apps for the Apple Watch by using its WatchKit framework, you’re a little late. Yet again there’s still hope.

iOS 7 development resources

iOS 7 will roll out in less than 5 hours and every developer wants to know more about iOS 7 development. While I was wandering around to get cool and awesome iOS 7 development resources, here are some of my favorite…

How to make an app in one week – Part 2

Hello folks, some days before I posted the first part of how to make an app in one week, and today I am posting the second part of it. So stay focused because I will share with you some of my…

How to make an app in One week – Part 1

I had a free week some days before and I was wondering if it is possible to put an app into the App Store in less than one week. And it all started just as an experiment. So I decided…