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Startup Pirates, pre-accelerating Albania

33 brave pirates were part of the Startup Pirates experience which was organized for the first time in Tirana, Albania from 23-30 April 2016 and during witch 7 ideas went through mentoring, workshops and experience sharing from other experiened entrepreneurs.

Google Street view comes to Albania

Google Street View cars will start to pop around the streets of Albania, giving a new treatment to the usage of Google Technology in the roads of the emerging destination for start-ups in Europe.

Global Game Jam Skopje 2016

On Friday Global Game Jam Inc. organized the Global Game Jam 2016 for the eight consecutive year. The event was held simultaneously in 500+ locations around the world including Skopje and Bitola in Macedonia.

Social Media Marketing – Are we going the right way?

Social Media Marketing is the process that drives traffic to a landing page through social networks. The process implies the content creation hoping to be appealing enough to be shared and/or go viral.

StartUS Connect Tirana Edition 1.0

The Garazh guys thought that it’s a great moment to give a present to the community, so they putted together three of the most appreciated characters of the

Laidi Ferruni talks for the first time!

Even though Albanian tech & web startups go back to the beginnings of the 2000s, the startup scene in the country started to change when first came out. This company and its founder, Laidi Ferruni, has been a real…

Tomi Kallanxhi presents

Buying or selling a house or apartment in Albania might be a challenge and remains in the classical form, while choices for rent stay limited. However there is a solution to this, and it’s called Founder Tomi Kallanxhi.