Balkan Venture Forum, winners announced

For two days in Tirana, Albania entrepreneurs, investors, startups, founders and enthusiast gather at Balkan Venture Forum to hear talks on innovation, financing, startups, opportunities and to pitch in front of experts who gave the chance some of the best teams to go to the European Venture Forum.

It was not only one winner but 6 teams were awarded as best pitching starutps including: (Albania), iVote (Macedonia), Leevia (Italy), Energomechanic (Greece), TM Vista, Epikinonia (Greece) and SmartROFO (Slovenia)

The first day included interesting panels on trends about financing startups in CEE and the top fields for opportunity for innovation, while the day two included also topics on EU venture capital funds in Hungary and pitching sessions like in the first day.

Vivjan Myrto, a venture capitalist from Boston Global Ventures had the closing speech on the second day, while after him the Minister of Innovation of Albania Milena Harito, told about the future plans of the government of Albania to create a supportive infrastructure for startups, entrepreneurs and venture capitalist.

The winners will have a chance to go to Dusseldorf in Germany for the European Venture Forum to present their startups, while many other startups will join them there.

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Thanks for the comment Teresa. There was one startup from Kosovo pitching, and it was ZAG Apps, one of the winning teams from the AppCamp competition organised by IPKO Foundation.

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