Big Software Freedom day in Prishtina

From a big day full of lectures and hands-on presentations on open source and free software to another day full of practical workshops, this is what can be called a fully charged fifth edition of Software Freedom Kosova, the largest conference in the Balkans on free and open source software, held every year in Prishtina under the organization of FLOSSK – Free Libre Open Source Software Kosovo.

Something that started five years ago under the initiative of James Michael DuPont, who laid down the foundation of FLOSSK as well, has turned into a mature and serious conference upgrading the technological scene of Kosovo to the level of having support and sponsorship even from Google. The lectures, which covered different topics from Firefox OS to Open Government partnerships and hackerspaces, brought in speakers like Alex Lakatos, Redon Skikuli, Tim Dobson, Baki Goxhaj, Ana Risteska, etc.

The conference brought in together more than 150 participants during the lecturing day, while the workshops held at Innovation Centre Kosovo had many interested pre-registered participants who were there to listen to open data in and from schools, firefox OS, Drupal, etc. The conference will continue on Monday as well with workshops at Innovation Centre Kosovo.

Digjitale is always a friend and media supporter/sponsor of Software Freedom Kosova, together with other media from Kosovo and Albania, while main sponsors of the conference include Google, IPKO Foundation, Innovation Centre Kosovo and The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.