BONEVET expands program to Public Schools in Kosovo

One of Kosovo’s public schools in the city of Gjakova

One of Kosovo’s public schools in the city of Gjakova, is piloting a new project called BONEVET Creative Class together with the Bonevet Makerspace, which is one of the first and most successful makerspaces in the Balkans.

This class will include lessons from art, electronics, programming and robotics, focusing on the practical aspect of each one of them.

BONEVET Creative Class is a pilot project implemented by BONEVET Makerspace, supported by the Directorate of Education at the Municipality of Gjakova and primary school Këlmend Rizvanolli. Pupils from the third, fourth and fifth classes will be part of this pilot project, which according to their respective classes will gain knowledge in different topics such as electronics, programming, and robotics.

The main objective of this new innovative class is to encourage imagination, creativity and collaboration spirit while learning and making their unique creations with their own hands. Participants in this project will be given the opportunity to develop many social and educational skills, such as:

  • Foster creativity by turning their ideas and imagination into something touchable.
  • Development of critical thinking, where they are encouraged to be open minded, ask questions and take smart and open decisions.
  • By working in teams, pupils create close collaborations, learn to respect each other, share ideas and help others for similar goals.
  • Curiosity is increased, together with the love to learn and explore new things and the intention to succeed.
  • Pupils enhance their communication skills and learn to present their work through technology.

This project will proceed during the first school semester with the opportunity to expand in all the primary schools of Gjakova and Kosova as well.