Bonevet expands to Prishtina

BONEVET in Gjakova, is expanding to Prishtina, working towards its mission to encourages the imagination and creativity through technology, arts, and science of the youngest generation of Kosovo.

BONEVET has been established in Prishtina and expects first courses to start during the month of September 2017. According to Bonevet, they plan to start their activities with classes in robotics, programming, Arduino, 3D-modeling, arts, inspirational mathematics, science, and electronics.

“Thanks to our experience in project management, we will soon start creating teams for hands-on projects to develop skills like team-working, problem-solving, critical thinking, planning, and management, skills that are not taught at schools.” said Bonevet in a press release.

BONEVET is expected to grow significantly faster than in Gjakova, given the population size in Prishtina. The team behind Bonevet has also given a heads-up for a Summer Camp, planned during August in Prishtina.