Brian Solis for the first time in the Balkans

The organizing team of has just confirmed a new keynote speaker, and it’s Brian Solis. He’s a famous digital analyst, bestselling author and keynote speaker from San Francisco.

The organizing team of has just confirmed a new keynote speaker, and it’s Brian Solis. He’s a famous digital analyst, bestselling author and keynotes speaker from San Francisco.

Brian is a principal analyst at Altimeter Group, known for its research in areas like social media, the Internet of Things and data privacy. As a digital analyst, anthropologist and futurist, Brian has studied and influenced the effects of emerging technologies on business and society.

As a result of his work, Brian also helps leading brands, celebrities, and startups develop new digital transformation, culture 2.0 and innovation strategies and that enable businesses to adapt to new connected markets from the inside out.

Brian is the author of several bestsellers among which What’s the Future of Business, “The End of Business as Usual and Engage“. His latest book, X: The Experience When Business Meets Design, introduces the importance of experiences as the new brand, bringing the worlds of CX, UX, and BX together to re-imagine the customer journey and lifecycle.

He is a regular contributor to leading business and industry publications including Ad Age, Forbes, Wired, and VentureBeat, among others. Brian’s blog is consistently named as a leading marketing and business blogs around the world. Brian also host Revolution, a popular online video series that examines technology, trends, and best practices and introduces viewers to the thought leaders who are blazing the trail. Guests have included Katie Couric, Mark Burnett, Shaquille O’Neal, Billy Corgan, and Guy Kawasaki.

Brian actively shares his vision and experiences through keynotes and presentations at conferences and events worldwide to help organizations understand and embrace the dynamics defining the rise of digital transformation, innovation, connected consumerism and digital lifestyles.


For the first time in the Balkan Region

This is the first time that Brian Solis will be speaking at a conference in the Balkan region, and the organizing team invites all interested parties to buy their tickets on time. More than 350 people from 17 countries have already registered for

The full price of the ticket is 250€ or 70€ in case of a student ticket. Tickets can later be transferred to another person (name change), but they cannot be refunded. Student tickets are available to undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD students 27 years old or younger, and to those who will graduate in 2016. tickets are available at the conference official website, at, one of the biggest marketing/Internet conferences in Southeast Europe, will be held on May 28-29, in Hotel Mediteran, in Budva, Montenegro.

The conference has been organized annually since 2013, by Domain.ME, a private company in charge of operating Montenegro’s national Internet domain – .ME. brings stories from the front lines of disruptive technological solutions, innovative business models, engaging branding strategies, and world-changing initiatives, and brings together business, technology and innovation leaders, marketers, startups, and geeks.