Busy October in Prishtina

Even though throughout the year tech events are quite scarce in Kosovo, October almost every year becomes busy with them. It started a couple of days ago with the biggest conference in the Balkans around Free and Open Source Technology, organised by FLOSSK.

From 30 October until 1st of November, the KosICT conference launches; a regional conference gathering international and local speakers to share and discuss experiences in different topics, which include Digital Transformation, Open Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Near-shoring and Crowdsourcing/Crowdfunding. And to close it up, the Designers have their conference as well. During KosICT there’s also #PrishtinaFTW, part of the #FTW series & community events, aimed at promoting entrepreneurship in Eastern and South Eastern Europe and harnessing the technical talent and open innovative mindset of the region which brought forth startups like AVG, Skype, Prezi, and Viber.

REDO Designers Conference starts on the 31st of October and continues until the 2nd, gathering designers from the local and regional scene as well as international speakers, who participate in workshops, discussions, panels and lectures. Some great participants have been announced so far and include names like: Julia Born (CH), Experimental Jetset (NL), Cornel Windlin (CH), Helsinki Type Studio (FI), etc.

On one hand the number of events happening around the tech scene of Kosovo is good sign that it’s active and continues to develop, while the concentration of the events in the end of October year after year, is kind-off a competitive approach instead of a complementary approach, which could result in a week of events focused on design and prototyping, technology and innovation, and startups and investment.