Call of Duty Warzone – A great game, with great cheaters

Call of Duty Warzone is among the latest battle royale games, that has taken the global markets by storm. This includes PC, PS4 and Xbox platforms. Warzone has now over 50 million players, close to the level of Apex Legends, which also reached 50 million players within the first month of release.

Call of Duty has great graphics, great gameplay, and different modes to play online for FREE with other players. This includes Solo, Duo, Trio or Quatro, where you can go into battle with up to 150 other players on the same map called Verdansk, My favorite is the Plunder mode, where you have to compete with other players to be the first to reach $1 million, while constantly fighting on the map similar to the battle royale mode.

On the positive side, the overall experience is great and it’s fun. However, after a while when you start to get a hang of the game, basically to unlock skins, buy headphones, or dedicated gear like keyboard and mouse to play it more like a pro, there the challenge comes in. You start to see that very often you get to fight with players that are almost invincible and that you can’t basically kill.

You shoot at them and try to go for the headshot, however, they still stay there alive with just fraction blood left. Then you enter the gulag frustrated and another cheater shows up, who manages to kill you even before you move after the kick-off time.

These problems are being constantly reported around the world from thousands of gamers and when you check the top ranks of the best players there’s often someone with 195719856137956 wins and 120 kills, which is a paradox compared to other battle royal games. This is something that needs to be urgently fixed by Activision in the upcoming version which is supposed to be great. All the new upcoming modes and attention from users will surely make the game even better. That means millions of more users coming in. However, when I compare it to PUBG or Fortnite, the game fails to deliver onto the game experience.