Cirquiz, new application from Kosovo!

The startup scene of Kosovo tends to be surprising sometimes. While we try to follow-up closely what is going on in the market and give insights to readers what the existing companies are doing, sometimes we get surprised by quality products, like the one that we saw today called Cirquiz!

Based on the video published on the website and on the social media sharing that is currently going on, it looks like the work of a professional and talented animator, who together with his team wants to bring something fresh to the market, which based on the first insights looks like a sort of game or entertainment app for mobile platforms.

Cirquiz is local slang used to describe funny things or funny people, while in the beginning of the video we see also a new company name 2vo, which might be the new upcoming startup from the community of Kosovo.

The game looks like a mix of music, basketball, fireballs, traditional Albanian sports games, quizzes, entertainment and above all fun. Based on what we saw, we are impressed, so looking forward to see more details about the company and upcoming product. See for yourself in the video below.