Codefest Junior, a possibility for young tech enthusiasts

Codefest is a traditional programming marathon, brining the tech community together from all over the world in the beautiful city of Ohrid, Macedonia. For the 4th time this year, Codefest will be organized during 15-17th of April, while a new announcement includes the Codefest Junior event which is a product of Innovation Centre EMKICE, MBAN the Macedonian network of business angels, and the ILUMINE center for innovation and education in ICT, who want to dedicate it to the most talented, smart headed and innovative youngsters of Macedonia and the region.

We give an opportunity to the youngest tech enthusiasts, the upcoming minds of our tech society, to show their creativity and innovativeness without limits at Codefest. We believe that this will be an unforgettable experience for them, and that it will have a strong influence on their motivation and love for technology and innovation. So far, Codefest was available to high schoolers and students, but our experience with it posed the need to make this available for the youngest as well declared event organizers in a press statement.

This year, around 15 exceptionally talented kids will take part in Codefest Junior, and together with the regular teams they will have the opportunity to get the full Codefest experience.

The motivation is that in upcoming editions of Codefest, Codefest Junior project will become a more serious part of the event where a larger number of kids interested in tech and innovation will be able to take participate.

Codefest Marathon is a 32-hour long programming marathon for students and high schoolers, who together with their teams can develop their product and make it ready for a demo.

The challenge is that without previous preparation, the teams need to be able to demonstrate what they can do within those 32 hours.

This yeas edition of Codefest experience is packed in a 3 in 1 format, where among the Speakers are names from Viber, Microsoft, Google, Adobe, etc. The Codefest Marathon will take place for an uninterrupted 32 hours on 16 – 17 of April, while the CFX-Business Expo will happen in parallel where many companies will be present, and participants will have the chance to see more about their services and working culture.

Reservations for Codeference and CFX-Business Expo are still open. Digjitale is one of the media partners of the conference.