Connected, a Netflix TV Show not to miss!

If you are interested in technology and surveillance and are looking for the next TV show to watch, then Connected is a show not to miss!

It’s fascinating to look at how technology has advanced in every aspect of our life, sometimes in very scary ways to track basically everything in life.

In the first episode of the TV Show, you’ll see how technology is used to do surveillance on birds or animal emotions or even surveillance on people’s emotions directly from their face which includes facial expressions of the status of their emotions and other details, through techniques such as AI and facial recognition technologies, which can read and track from the user’s face that is standing in front of the camera.

These technologies are used in various locations around the world from developed countries to countries that are known for violating user rights and it’s definitely an interesting and intriguing topic to follow how these technologies can be used for good aspects and for potentially so-called police states.

The first episode then continues with Tinder and the scary story behind it, how it has a user scoring system that rates users based on their attractiveness which means basically means, that if they want to meet people outside of “their league” this is close to impossible. The application in the background creates a desirability score and has points for every use. According to the journalist, Judith Duportail, that is featured on the TV show, and also wrote a book about the topic, that means that if a person with high desirability likes you then you get higher points and if a person that is with less desirability doesn’t like you then you get negative points.

This system seems to have been property software of Tinder, and they didn’t provide access to the journalist who requested to know how much info they have over here. Then she insisted for over 6 months, and Tinder finally gave her info which was about 800 pages! 800 pages of stored chats, likes, posts on Instagram or Facebook, because the apps are connected and communicate with each other on the background, etc. According to Judith, Tinder can basically know when you feel alone or when you’re happy! She basically wrote a book about it!

The TV show has also other really great episodes that are definitely worth watching including an episode about poop or about nuclear bombs, dust and so on.