Croatia gives new incentives to citizens for purchasing electric cars

Croatia offers new incentives to its citizens and companies for the purchase of electric vehicles (EV). Over EUR 3,3 million has been allocated for this purpose – EUR 1.62 million for citizens and EUR 1.75 million for companies.

The plan which was introduced last year, will allow individuals to receive up to 40% of the car’s value from the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund. The incentives will go up to EUR 10.700 for electric cars, and for plug-in hybrid cars up to EUR 5.400. The condition is that vehicles’ carbon dioxide emissions are less than 50 g/km.

The purchase of electric scooters, motorcycles, and quadricycles will be co-financed with grants of up to EUR 2.700 (HRK 20,000), while incentives of up to EUR 670 (HRK 5,000) will be provided for the purchase of electric bikes, says Ministry of environmental protection and energy in a statement.

Co-financing applies only to new motor vehicles, which were not registered at the time of their import or sale in Croatia, and to completely new electric bikes. The government will soon provide EUR 1.75 million for similar grants to companies.

Applications for the grants have started to be accepted since April 25.

Tomislav Ćorić, Croatian minister of environmental protection and energy, and Dubravko Ponoš, director at Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, announced new incentives while attending the installation of the first ELEN e-charger in Gospić, a town in the mountainous region near the Adriatic coast.

By co-financing the purchase of electric vehicles the government wants to encourage buyers to seriously consider purchasing cars that pollute the environment less said Ćorić. He believes, he added, that EUR 3,3 million represents an additional incentive for sustainable mobility.

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