Croatian Survival Game SCUM, becomes a hit on Steam

A Croatian computer survival game called SCUM has recorded exceptional success only days after it was released – becoming the best-selling game on Steam, the most popular PC gaming platform.

A Croatian open-world survival video game, called SCUM, has already sold about 660,000 copies only days after it was released on August 29. The game was created as a result of cooperation between two Croatian development teams, “Gamepires” and “Croteam”. “About 20 people worked on the project,” Josip Barisic, “Gamepires” community manager told BIRN.

Asked what led to such rapid success, he said: “Primarily, the work and effort of the whole team, constant communication with players and transparency. And, of course, a pinch of luck.” As the game is still in development, those who bought it actually bought it at a lower than final price of 16.79 US dollars. These customers will help to develop the game with their remarks.

Devolver Digital, the video game publisher, announced on August 29 that SCUM was its biggest launch to date. The day before it was released, SCUM already had more than 230,000 viewers on Twitch.

“They recognized the effort we had and the quality of the game and began to spread the news among them. When the streaming started, more and more people called us, and after a while, there was a domino effect – everyone wanted to try SCUM,” he recalled.

An open-world survival game, its landscape recalls some parts of Croatia. Players must attempt to survive and get off an island by first removing the implant which prevents them from leaving. The players earn fame points through participation in various action-driven events or simply by surviving in a hostile environment.