Crowdsourcing Week Summit Gjakova, Speaker Round 1

With the CSW Summit event just around the corner, on October 1st 2015 at Bonevet Makerspace in Gjakova…

With the CSW Summit event just around the corner, on October 1st 2015 at Bonevet Makerspace in Gjakova, and after we had an interesting interview session with Epi Ludvik Nekaj on what we can expect for CSW Gjakova and the Crowdsourcing Summit in general, we’re going through the first round of speakers that are expected to be present and the topics they’re going to talk about.

First of all, in partnership with BONEVET, Kosovo’s leading non-profit Makerspace, Crowdsourcing Week Summit Gjakova will bring crowdsourcing and the crowd economy to center stage in Kosovo. Local and international speakers will gather in Gjakova for a one-day conference to share how crowdsourcing is reshaping industries and transforming organizations today.


Kushtrim Xhakli

Kushtrim Xhakli is among the speakers announced for this year’s first edition, who is known to the world scene as an experienced entrepreneur with a high passion for innovation and market disruption. In the last decade, he started companies from scratch and managed to bring a range of new technologies into challenging environments.

Kushtrim is the Co-Founder of Fast Europe Ventures Ltd a digital strategy and business model design, banking and tech solution enabler firm, working with banks, government and telecoms operators & he’s also Co-Founder of Germany, producer of intelligent and mobile lifestyle solar charger that enables everybody to produce and consume their own renewable energy.

Being a Board member of IPKO Foundation, a foundation with a goal to seed and support the development of the next generation of leaders with a digital vision, Kushtrim has been spearheading the creation of projects like Digital Kosovo, a crowdsourced campaign that is still engaging in advancing Kosovo’s digital diplomacy agenda, focusing on securing Kosovo’s recognition by the global Internet infrastructure. This and other exciting stories will be shared during his speech at CSW Summit Gjakova.


Etienne Verbist

Etienne Verbist is a lawyer and economist. He’s known to build up his career and his experience in multinational companies such as General Electric Information Services, Canon, and Abbott in top sales and marketing roles. For the past 25 years, Etienne has been specialized in assisting companies in their growth and optimization process. He has lived and worked in 25 countries.

His passions are innovation and creation based on innovative business models. He serves on several advisory boards. Founding partner of CroFun, a crowd funding platform and the incumbent Managing Director Europe of Crowdsourcing Week.

Altin Ukshini

Altin Ukshini has been a FLOSS (Free Libre and Open Source Software) and Open Knowledge activist since 2009. As a very active community guy, Altin passionately co-founded and led tech projects and events in Kosovo and aboard.

Altin is the President of the Executive Board at FLOSSK and MOSSCon, Prishtina Hackerspace Co-founder, a board member at STIKK and a Mozilla representative from Kosovo. He also works at IPKO Telecommunications L.L.C in Prishtina as a Linux and SAP Basis System administrator.

Altin and friends are known to the community in Kosovo and the region, for their active involvement in setting up the Prishtina Hackerspace and successfully raising $17,000 USD on Kickstarter, making it the first project from Kosovo to be funded by a Kickstarter campaign. Participants of CSW Summit Gjakova will sure get more details on this.

Georges L.J. Labreche

Georges L.J. Labreche is a technologist and internationalist with over 10 years of work experience in software engineering, analysis, design, and implementation. He is experienced in various aspects of software development life cycle, object oriented application design and development of n-tiered full stack applications.

With his strong technical background and his keen ability to quickly understand and learn, he adapts easily to change and is always expanding his capabilities. He is a linguistically and socially adept team player with strong problem-solving skills.

Georges undergraduate degree and career development in Software Engineering have been complemented with graduate studies in International Affairs at The New School University in New York City; specializing in Governance and Rights, Conflict and Security, and Post-Conflict State-Building. Georges have conducted significant academic research and work in fields that merge technology and international relations; such as Digital Diplomacy, Digital State-Building, and Cyber Warfare.

To Kosovo, Georges are known as Chief Data Officer & Co-Founder of Open Data Kosovo, a project on which he’s actively involved and leads a team of bright technologists into developing cool digital products that create accessible information and knowledge from Kosovo’s open data. The usage of open data and much more around Open Data Kosovo and other experiences are sure going to be some important parts of Georges presentation at the Summit.

Stay tuned for more details on other speakers…