Culture Your Culture, the much needed step-by-step “how to” for culture

Organizational culture isn’t just a hot topic-it’s an untapped asset and potential liability for all businesses. And yet, for all its potential to make or break, few know how to manage cultures with proficiency.

Culture Your Culture: Innovating Experiences @Work provides the much-needed “how-to” with Design of Work Experience (DOWE). This book provides the definitive guide to Design of Work Experience (DOWE). Tapping into human-centered design, interdisciplinary innovation concepts, and other research, this leading-edge approach partners employees and their employers in unprecedented ways to co-create, implement, and sustain a leading-edge culture where both people and business thrive.

According to the author, the subject of this book is relevant to all organizations, including tech companies and startups. This is not your traditional business book (in style and format) and features Design of Work Experience (DOWE) as a leading edge approach.

This book was written out of a frustration with how often culture is raised as a huge factor in the success or failure of companies after the fact, and yet there was no step-by-step, “how-to” for intentionally creating a culture on the front end. Design of Work Experience pulls together what’s needed to meet this unmet need.