Day one at the future tech conference – Pioneers Festival!

Today marked the first day of the Pioneers Festival in Vienna, focused on web technologies, robotics, AI and other related topics in a combination of music, talks, hacks and food.

As Forbes puts it, Pioneers Festival marks itself as a future tech conference, a festival that celebrates the what if of tech. Today participants had the chance to see on stage, Adam Cheyer creator of Siri, founder of and co-founder of Genetic FinanceCharles Adler, co-founder of Kickstarter was present to talk about the power of change while Brad Templeton, Networks & Computing Chair at Singularity University, was emphasizing on how tech can be used in our lives in ways we never thinker about.

Robotics was the next talk during the busy first day of Pioneers, with Colin Angle on stage together with Steve Cousins, former President & CEO of WillowGarage and now founder and CEO of his new robotics company Savioke: and Rodney Brooks, founder and CEO of ReThink Robotics and Baxter’s creator.

Ralph Simon, Mobilium and his talk with Seth Goldstein, and was focused on how all the tech is going into the music of today and the new opportunities that are opening up.

Vishal Sharma, former VP at Google, responsible for Google NOW, but now being very secret about his new company was present today as well.

Guillermo Soehnlein, CEO of SeaSpace Initiatives and Ariel Fuchs, of Sea Orbiter were giving more insights into the possibilities that one might have in exploring sea and space.