Discover the most innovative start-up companies in Kosovo.


Gjirafa is the first search engine and news aggregator for Albanian, a lexically unique language spoken by over 12 million people worldwide.


HELLO transforms any TV into an all-in-one, video communication and collaboration device for video conferencing, screen sharing, wireless screencasting, live broadcasting, camera feed with motion detection, and more.


Hello – Talk to Strangers, is the simplest way to talk with new and interesting people around the world, through the power of the smartphone and a simple connection to the internet.


Formon designs, develops and manufactures state of the art Desktop 3D Printers in Pristina, Kosovo.


Decissio is an online service that leverages artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to optimize and bring data power to your investment decision making processes.

Hum App

HUM makes it possible for users to ask questions and get answers from people who care to share their opinions with the world


Trigonom is a Kosovo-based start-up that has been created as a spin-off from software development company Frakton, and which creates fun and educational games for kids around the world.


Trekandi is a platform for research that collects the best offers from local banks in Kosovo for credit purposes.


Manage projects, finances, time, clients, teams, and more… For business owners who want to oversee their entire operations from a single platform, without the fuss.

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