Digital Kosovo!

Because of the problems that the citizens of Kosovo face online every day starting from registering on a website, purchasing online or checking in a location, IPKO Foundation together with partners has launched, which aims to promote Kosovo in the digital world equal to all others and also be the number one resource for the citizens of Kosovo on overcoming virtual barriers.

Launched in line with the Digital Diplomacy Strategy goals and objectives outlined by Government of the Republic of Kosovo, is the newest product of a prodigious collaboration of MFA, Norwegian Embassy, British Council, British Embassy, and IPKO Foundation.

The role of the internet integration of Kosovo in the promotion in global networks has been the key topic of the conference, which continued with a short panel on “Efforts on Crowdsourcing Digital Diplomacy” with speakers and panelists: Petrit Selimi – Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kushtrim Xhakli – IPKO Foundation Board Member, Jan Braathu – Norwegian Ambassador in Prishtina, Myrna MacGregor – British Embassy, Prishtina, Arjeta Emra – British Council.

This project marks another step forward into putting the country on the global digital map and connect the efforts of the citizens in a more organized and efficient manner. So far there have been different individual or sometimes grouped efforts to put pressure on websites or services or other to put Kosovo on the list of countries, while aims to amplify this and use the community in this direction and use ready made templates to send to the aimed institutions, websites, organizations, etc.