Digital Prishtina, new citizen services

The municipality of Prishtina did one of the smartest tech moves of the region, when it announced this week a new self-service

Digital Prishtina, that’s what the municipality of Prishtina will be called soon enough, as it announced one of the smartest tech moves of the region, related to a new self-service tech station that makes the life of the citizens much easier.

Instead of having to wait in line for a document like a civil-extract or a birth-certificate, citizens can walk to a user friendly machine, put their ID for quick scanning, pay one euro for the service on the machine and select the certificate they wanted printed. The automated e-station serves 24 hours a day and 7 days per week, and makes the life of the people much easier. See how it works.

Thanks to an entrepreneurial approach in solving problems and making the lives of the citizens easier and more tech oriented, Prishtina becomes the first city in the region that offers digital services of this type. And the region has been envying this move right away.

The municipality of Prishtina is planning to expand these type of digital services to other stations around the city, which accounts around 200,000 inhabitants and a growing number of more local visitors which fly in from the diaspora during summer time. These summer days are especially heavy-duty for the local workers, and this process will make things much more easier thanks to this tech approach.


Prishtina a step closer to the west

Even though Kosovo is far from the most digital – tech-friendly country of the world Estonia, which recently announced a new program of e-citizenship, the country is making small steps of progress in terms of digital services, whereas businesses can declare taxes online and even nowadays plans were announced to make the procurement process digital., reports that because of many corruption processes and many irregularities related to public procurement in the country, related authorities are working in this direction.