Discover a better way of creating presentations with Bunkr

Bunkr is the latest online presentation tool competing with the likes of, and even PowerPoint, not only enabling you to create your presentations in your web browser but also collect and store content from the internet which can be used later on the slides.

Bunkr has developed a cloud-based technology that can grab anything from the internet, an image, a web page, a snippet of text, and catch it for later usage. Additionally, the service users integrate easily with services like Twitter or Facebook to provide beautiful displays of tweets and other social posts.

The blank page problem, known in the industry of presentations as the problem of focusing too much on making the slides beautiful instead of focusing on the real presentation, is something on which Bunkr is focusing on, offering unique features and boosting productivity and efficiency. Bunkr offers a 45-day trail to all users, with the ability to extend their free trial by social recruitment, while the other packages start on 3$ per month for unlimited content, presentations, up to 100 users, common folders and collaborative features. Bunkr is working on a good integration with Evernote, and plans to integrate with Dropbox, Google Drive, and other cloud-based storages. Additionally, the user has the ability to export all his presentations to PDF, Keynote, and even Power Point.

Bunkr has reached over 7,000 users all over the world and it has been selected as one of the unique startups to be present at the Walk the Plank competition at the European Pirate Summit 2013, in Cologne, Germany, where a startup from the Balkans is also present, respectively Imagga from Sofia, Bulgaria, a cloud platform that helps businesses and individuals organize their images in a fast and cost-effective way.


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