DOKU.TECH 2018 is bringing the world closer to Kosovo!

The next DOKU.TECH edition is coming this  August 4th  to its mother festival Dokufest in Kino Lumbardhi, with the support of our partners from SHARE Foundation and DOKUFEST.

This edition will bring you a diverse selection of perspective flippers: people from all over the world whose ability to see things differently, envision new worlds and test that vision against reality enables them to make real changes at the intersections of technology and society, culture, media and economy.

Registration for DOKU.TECH is open for everyone. Hurry up and register!

To register FREE for the largest technology conference in Kosovo, click HERE. For the Facebook event click HERE . The following featured speakers represent a blend of entrepreneurship, leadership, and management:


Benjamin Tirone Nunes

Hacking the Future of Human Flourishing through Immersive XR Storytelling

Benjamin is the general manager at THNK Lisbon. He started this position fresh out of my MSc in Environmental Economics and Management at Cranfield and grew into it by taking on the financial management role of the Lisbon location and assisting the Community lead. He assists in recruiting and am part of the global Community team headed by Oona Eager. One of his passions is music – fascinated by its power to reach deep into people’s emotions, he listens to a lot and participates in shows. If you have an ask for new music, he will be very happy to oblige.


Luis Miguel Samperio

A Collective Vision to Hack the Future of Human Flourishing through Empath and Compassion

Luis Miguel is a social entrepreneur, neurocinematics research implementer and futurist consultant exploring human potential and awakening through the transformative power of immersive narrative experiences in media technologies. His vision of augmented cognition encompasses the development of emotional/relational intelligence and the alteration of perception of self in digital environments.

He is Co-Founder, responsible for product design and research integration, at EmpaticaXR , collective with the mission to facilitate personal transformation through intersubjective experiences via interactive storytelling and transpersonal psychology.


Flutura Sadiku & Dren Imeraj

Build & Fly

Flutura Sadiku and Dren Imeraj are the founders of first RC Club in Kosovo. Two years ago they started building a small radio-controlled airplane, and a couple of months later they started organizing workshops to teach youngsters how to do the same. Their background is in computer science and engineering, but they are very passionate about STEM outreach and youth empowerment. The talk at Doku.Tech is going to include a short story and a series of RC planes.


Valmir Hoxha

VR Scrap Robot

Valmir Hoxha – is Director for Academic Affairs at higher education institution UBT, he also teaches topics on Mechatronics and programming, during the teaching hours he spends most of the time in the mechatronics laboratory, building different projects and bringing to life innovative ideas. Enthusiast from early ages on electronics, Robotics, and programming, he developed different robots, the latest project that Valmir is working on is robot build from scrap, using open source software and reused materials, the robot also has state of the art technologies like Virtual Reality streaming services etc. Valmir also has experience in industry, offering service and solution to complex technical problems and processes.