Dokutech – four day meeting of tech enthusiasts in Prizren

From 19th to 22nd August the cultural city of Kosovo, Prizren will host Dokutech – an outstanding tech conference at the well-known International Film Festival Dokufest, gathering the tech enthusiasts from around the world to talk about open knowledge, digital security, privacy, social entrepreneurship and business.

This four day gathering will host some of the most creative and exciting minds of today and bring together some of the best creative ideas of the region. Among the hundreds of renowned speakers from the world and the region, you will find sci-fi authors, entrepreneurs, activists, codders, media watchdogs and developers.

The two masterminds behind the event include Vladan Joler director of Share Foundation, professor of new media and digital activist and Kushtrim Xhakli award winning internet entrepreneur, digital economist and open data activist, who managed to bring to Dokutech names like: Bruce Sterling, writer, futurist and one of the founders of the cyberpunk movement in science fiction; Lynn Fine who runs the international programs of Code for America which aims to import the efficiency of the Web into government infrastructures; Stephan Urbach involved with Telecomix which works to circumvent surveillance, and to promote internet freedom and human rights; Lee Bryant, passionate about using social technology to put humans front and centre of the way we do things in the Twenty-First Century, Pedro Noel, Brazilian Internet media activist, founder of Associated Whistleblowing Press, a nonprofit organization which struggles for freedom of expression and against human rights violations by means of whistleblowing. Jasmina Tesanovic known for her guest columns in Boing Boing and hacking famous war songs and remaking them from a pacifist woman’s point of view with bands and genres from all over the world.

Dokutech will be organized for the first time by IPKO Foundation and Share Foundation, representing a regional cooperation of the Balkans, and will take place at the heart Dokufest, a worldwide known festival of documentary, culture and entertainment.

Dokutech will take place at a unique location in Prizren, a historic city of Kosovo, where everyone gets to learn more about the local culture, through a short walk by the river and while crossing the stone bridge and moving towards the Shadervan or by taking a tour from the historic castle and overseeing the limits of the city.

Dokutech represents a strategic partner for Dokufest and also for the city of Prizren, thus expanding the number of events and further supporting the local creative industry, educating the public on current hot tech talks and raising awareness for future potential. This event aims to put Prishtina in the regional and European tech map, through free tickets, attractive locations, new and alternative methods of educating young creative people and also mixing everything with a bit of culture flavor.

For more details please visit: For all interested participants there is also an application with the event details to download on Android and the iOS version will follow soon.

Twitter: @dokutech