DokuTech, new tech conference coming up in Prizren, Kosovo

An initiative from IPKO Foundation, SHARE Foundation and DokuFest is going to result in a tech conference named DOKU:TECH which is going to be organized on August 19-22, 2014 in the city of culture of Kosovo, Prizren.

SHARE Foundation is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to protecting the rights of Internet citizens and promoting positive values of openness, decentralization, free access and exchange of knowledge, information and technology. Share has organized the Rijeka festival called Republika in August 2013, from which came the inspiration for Doku:Tech, to be organized with and during the biggest cultural event in the region Dokufest, and implemented by IPKO Foundation.

DOKU:TECH explores and challenges the social implications of technological innovations trough connectivity, content, openness and security. Taking place in the beautiful city of Prizren, Kosovo the event will gather reputable speakers, observers, explorers and builders from around the world to talk about open knowledge, digital security, privacy, social entrepreneurship and business. Event will offer a unique and inspirational way to participants to have the opportunity to listen and challenge speakers during events and participate in lively discussions during the programm.

So far the list of speakers includes names like: Jasmina Tesanovic– Her latest project is hacking famous war songs and remaking them from a pacifist woman’s point of view with bands and genres from all over the world; Lee Bryant – passionate about using social technology to put humans front and centre of the way we do things in the Twenty-First Century; Michelle Thorne Global Strategist of Mozilla Foundation. She worked as Creative Commons International Project Manager and is a trustee of the Awesome Foundation; Thorsten S. Wiedeman – The person behind A.MAZE, festival about independent games, digital arts and playful media Vladan Joler – The Share Foundation, Kushtrim Xhakli -Entrepreneur / DokuTECH, Bilal Ghalib – GEMSI / Instructables.

As for the lucky folks who will be in Kosovo in August, they will join in Dokufest as well, which is an International Documentary and Short Film Festival, the largest film festival in Kosovo. Since its establishment in 2002, it has proven that through consistent work and dedication, a volunteer-based organization with almost no funding in the beginning, could become one of the leading cultural organization in Kosovo and the region. Each year the festival fills the cinemas and improvised screening venues around historic city center of Prizren with a selection of more than 200 hand picked films from around the world.

The registration for Doku:Tech is open and free for everyone to attend and for more details head on to the social media channels or the website The hopes are high that this event will finally bring a new spirit of tech events for Kosovo, inspired by regional and world conferences that are set-up in different environments, beyond the hotel-roundables that are a common way of conferences in the Balkans, however we’ll have to wait and see for the Prizren surprise. Digjitale attended the Republika Festival in Rijeka, during which Rock Paper Startups was also organized by Netokracija, and we must admit that it was it blast.