DOKUTECH, summer action from South-East Europe

The summer is a calm part of the year with not many tech events happening. Itâ€s usually a time where we draw…

The summer is a calm part of the year with not many tech events happening. Itâ€s usually a time where we draw our attention for relaxing beaches, our families and those important things in life which we put on plan hold while all our energy goes for throughout the year on working.

The culturally-rich city of Prizren, Kosovo tends to change this ritual by gathering masterminds like Esther Dyson, Kentaro Toyama and Yanki Margalit, amongst others to talk on space exploration, open knowledge or digital security with tech enthusiasts, activists and passionate folks. Organized in cooperation within IPKO Foundation, SHARE Foundation and Dokufest, DOKU:TECH comes as one of the new breed of tech events from Kosovo, shifting away from the hotel-oriented conferences and highly priced tickets and offering a place where the audience is ready for action. The country itself is slowly but steadily making a mark in the tech world, with entrepreneurs and startups tackling global challenges and markets, while many investors are also turning their head to the region because of the English and German Skills, and great development skills with cheap costs.

Since its inaugural launch in 2014, DOKU:TECH has grown in double digit percentages and expanded to include further topics and speakers in addition to the upcoming edition.

The 2nd edition will kick off on August 8-9, 2015 and offer inspiration and a unique opportunity for participants to engage, listen, participate, and challenge speakers during talks throughout the program. The programme is designed to inspire and explore minds. It will feature an incredibly diverse range of inspirational speakers and topics during the conference and will highlight the tremendous innovation occurring in the global stage.

There’s a thriving innovation culture community emerging in Kosovo and around in the Balkans, closely interacting with new areas of explorations, next generation and future industries in the world.” said Kushtrim Xhakli, producer of DOKU:TECH. “This year’s theme is driven by and built for that community those enthusiasts who are passionate by new technologies and new perceptions.

DOKU:TECH proudly features leading women, with over 40 percent of the keynote lineup being female, while participation is free of charge because the organizers believe that information and knowledge should be free.