Eduongo – Launch your own online school

It is most evident that education is critical for the future. People across the world invest so much in education because it the essential element required in the workforce. Schools provide the environment, tools and resources for students to gain the knowledge to set up their careers in the corporate world.

But now things have evolved and the situation has changed and you don’t need to belong to a school or an organization to receive quality education. Learning should not be restricted to take place only inside the classroom. For this, technology is a tool, which if correctly leveraged by the teachers, can remarkably improve the learning experience for students inside and outside the classroom.

EDUonGo enables anyone to launch their own academies, build their own schools and provide valuable education to the world, online. It eliminates the need of dealing with IT or signing a long-term commitment with 3rd party learning platform vendors and also eliminates the difficulties of maintaining and customizing a learning platform which is very costly. It’s a system that has more features, is easier to maintain and is much more flexible to customize than anything else out there.

EDUonGo assists entrepreneurs who are building academies to share their passion and educate the world. It also works with K-12 educators to help them launch their own courses and educate thousands of students around the world. Its tools are built for the environment that stimulates creativity, motivates and engages students at all times through a true learning community, where students can share with each other and support each other while learning. It can be used in a variety of markets for many different applications. It enables everyone to share knowledge through an online learning environment. Schools, institutions and individuals can partner with EDUonGo to host online academies through its cloud-based platform.

EDUonGo updates its platform at least once a month with new features and improvements. It is expected that soon students will be able to receive text message reminders on assignments and projects, and teachers will experience advanced analytics and reporting. Users will also benefit from more authoring tools such as screen casting and slide creation.

EDUonGo has now become the fastest and most powerful way for anyone to launch an online course and has already registered more than 1,000 institutions. It recognizes passionate teachers to help students gain quality education and prepare them for the 21st century careers so they can have prosperous futures.

EDUonGo has raised $680K in seed funding and generated $326K in revenues in 2013, while it’s on the right track to generate $2M this year. It’s also interesting to mention that the team behind Eduongo is a great combination of professionals from Kosovo and the US, having Ridvan Aliu on top as a CEO, an experienced entrepreneur based in Seattle, USA with previous experiences at Microsoft and Amazon, among others.