Eleven – announced the new ten

The next group of start-ups that will join the roof of Eleven, the Bulgarian based startup accelerator, has been announced and the names include teams from Serbia, Latvia, Italy, Croatia, and Bulgaria.

Eleven is a startup acceleration fund that offers 50,000 users for proof of concept and up to 150,000 euros at the seed stage as an investment. Teams initially get 25,000 euros for 8% and can qualify for another 25,000 (for another 5% equity) after having their startup developed. After the program is completed, the teams can apply for the next 150,000 Euro in seed funding in exchange for a negotiated equity (not exceeding 30%).


Let’s have a look at the teams

Datamaid, Serbia Datamaid is a graduate of SEE ICT Startup Academy and gives user the possibility to organize their multimedia through mobile and web app. Users can input all media (photos, notes, audio, video, location) and take the most important content.

Fastogram, Latvia A great start-up team with a solution for selling items through Instagram, as a platform. They are also the first team to join Eleven from Latvia.

Volofy, Bulgaria Described as a platform for good causes, while promoting social responsibility and making the world a little better. It offers a way to pool resources for charitable projects.

Gruvit, Italy A marketplace which connects party-goers and musicians, making the next party a blast. Another first team from Italy.

Data Craft and Magic, Bulgaria They offer a platform-independent software integration solution for information retrieval and semantic indexing over large-scale of text resources.

Parudi, Romania A skill based game (available to download for Android here) which requires users to spot numbers. Users compete to do it in as little time as possible.

Biottery, Bulgaria Described as all-natural and energizing food for active people. The food comes in the shape of a battery, apparently.

Taxime, Bulgaria TaxiMe is an app that gives you the possibility to find a suitable taxi near you., Croatia Real-time communication channel between restaurants and restaurant goers. This means browsing options and deals and reserving tables through the app. Restaurants can also access the Restaurant Dashboard, which allows them to manage their deals and offers.

Wondermail, Bulgaria Founded by a 16-year-old iOS developer, as a mail client for iOS which analyzes the user’s inbox and sort’s mail by project and topic.