eToro Significantly Lowers Fees

eToro has been amongst the leading online trading platforms since 2008, founded by  brothers Yoni Assia and Ronen Assia together with David Ring, in Tel Aviv.

It’s branded as a social trading platform, and it aims to enable users to trade almost anything from commodities, currencies, stocks, and indexes to cryptocurrencies through one web-based and mobile platform.

Today, eToro Trading Overview annouced that they have reduced withdrawal fees by 80%. Instead of $25, all withdrawals will now incur a flat fee of just $5, a significant reduction, which however will improve the experience for all of our users. In addition, Etoro Club members of the Platinum tiers and above, will have no withdrawal fees.

Alongside the fee reduction, we’re excited to announce the launch of a great new feature: The all-new Withdrawal Dashboard. The Dashboard has very helpful functions, including:

  • A progress bar indicating your current withdrawal status.
  • Breakdown of each withdrawal by payment methods, amount and currency.
  • Informative text explaining the current state with links to relevant eToro FAQs.
  • Withdrawal fee information.
  • Cancellation options.
  • Relevant action items when more information is needed to complete the withdrawal.
  • An indication for claiming funds from PayPal.

eToro Trading offres plenty of other benefits including trading of commodities, currencies, a wide selection of stocks as well as crypto currencies.