European Pirate Summit ready for pirates

After two successful events the European Pirate Summit is bringing the pirates back together to meet, listen, discus and party.

“With the performance of this year, EPS has created itself as one of the best events in Germany” said Niko Waesche from GMPVC after the last event in 2012, when it was called the “startup event of the year” (from the Deutsche-Startups) and Lars Hinrichs has tweeting “Extraordinary! Just come here”. This year things are definitely again at the top level.

On August 26 to 27, the team expects to meet more than 500 entrepreneurs and investors selected according to rigorous criteria. In order to have access to the event, all interested parties should apply, and if accepted will have the chance to spend two excellent days in Germany. EPS will be held in Odonien, Cologne, which has an artistic and adventurous atmosphere, where you can find robots spitting fire or playing with a guitar.

But of course as every conference has the workshops, speeches and networking opportunities. Names of speakers include Morten Lund, Klaus Hommels and Saul Klein, as well as selected participants that contributed to the exceptional experience, with which EPS has been preside many times. This year, among others is Marco Boerries that has raised more than 38 million dollars for NumberFour and Renaud Visage, CTO and co-founder of Eventbrite, will also be present.

One of the main things will be the “Walk the Plank” pitching competition, to which interested parties can apply until July 31. We are happy to invite interested parties from Kosovo and Albania to apply, and we are also able to offer discounts as Digjitale is a media partner of EPS for Kosovo and Albania.

Something to mention is that EPS will return this year in a week of pirate events, called Pirate Week and which will begin with on the 23rd of August and end on the 28th with events like Corporate Summit, Pirate Hack, Lean Camp, Pirates on a Plane, etc.