Fingermarket, a new opportunity for growing business

Imagine a case scenario where you’re a small team and have to be all over the place on the web while trying to handle clients in the store looking for a product or solution.

US-based Fingermarket has started rolling out of its development store and it’s aiming to take the world by storm. We talked with executive management member, Diedon Kica, an entrepreneur and technology enthusiast, who’s now Chief Commercial Officer at Fingermarket Inc., to find out more what they’re working on and what they’re aiming to achieve.

Imagine a case scenario where you’re a small team and have to be all over the place on the web while trying to handle clients in the store looking for a product or solution. What if you could overcome that challenge and instead of thinking about many things at the same time, you can focus only on one.

That’s what aims to solve; by providing a horizontally-integrated solution that helps you stay focused, informed and perform multiple services in one place such as professional identity, web presence, B2B networking, promotion, sales, talent hunting.

“Fingermarket has been developed from our own team to provide a solid ground for small and medium-sized businesses that want to be present online, but also see what’s happening in their respective industries and improve their digital network” says Diedon, while explaining how the platform has been build to be socially acceptable for users who already know how to use Facebook, Alibaba, LinekdIn and others, while still remaining focused on the professional side instead of the personal one.

While the product is still in Beta stages, Diedon explains that Fingermarket offers four solid solutions that can already be used by companies and individuals. “Depending on the pricing package you select, you benefit from a web presence to priority listing, recommended leads, bids and others.

FingerMarket from Finger Market on Vimeo.

This means that you can set-up your company profile, post jobs and get notified when people apply, sell your products online and manage payments and others at a later stage and even get access to talent. All in one place without having to jump from one platform to another.

We don’t want to replace other popular platforms, but we want to offer a unique approach and simplified solution for businesses and professionals that do not have the time or money to use multiple solutions for professional purposes. We believe there is a great gap in the market and we do provide a solution for that”. According to Diedon it’s like a mix of Linkedin, Facebook, Alibaba, Amazon, and Booking, with carefully selected parts and a bit simplicity added on top.

With the launch of the Fingermarket Kosovo Branch, Fingermarket wants to play an important role in digitizing the mayor part of the local businesses.

“An important aspect and unique approach of Fingermarket is verification process. Every company that signs-up for our platform benefits a valid certificate, which validates that they’re an existing business, they sell real product and that customers will benefit from something that is actually true. This way we eliminate the possibility of someone selling scam products or services. Moreover, we offer them a great network where potential clients, partners, or investors can reach each other easily”.

In other words, Fingermarket has already started having paying customers in Kosovo, and is expecting to expand further in the region and increase the value of this platform even further with a greater reach.