FOOS Bootcamp, learn about free and open source technologies

FLOSSK (Free Libre Open Source Software Kosova) is organizing a pre-SFK13 event, called FOSS Bootcamp, together with the Computer Science group of Iliria College, where participants will have the chance to attend educational workshops related to Free and Open Source tools/technologies.

On 24 – 25 August in Iliria College, Room no. 14, interested participants will have the chance to learn about Free and Open Source Software – Projects, tools and platforms such as: Linux Operating System, Mozilla Project, Python programming language, HTML / CSS, Creative Commons (Licenses), Wikipedia & Wikimedia, OpenStreetMap, Networks and GIMP/Inkscape.

Participants will receive certificates of participation, but more importantly they will be leaving with a whole new package of knowledge on Free and Open Source Technology basics. Each workshop will provide technical supervision from FLOSSK mentors and opportunities for real-time platform testing. Participants will have access to the class computers although it is preferred to take personal laptops.

The number of participants is limited, while those who apply in time will be receiving the acceptance notification one day after the application deadline.Registration is open at: Lecturer names and the Bootcamp Schedule will be available very soon!