Fotolibiriim, online photo album publishing, or give users the possibility of printing their Instagram pictures into physical photos and match the quality and magic of the app in real live.

A new start-up from Kosovo called FotoLibri is aiming to make your life easier in creating photo albums with the regular pictures that you shoot on daily basis with your camera, smartphone or other device and build your own photo album that will be shipped to your designated address.

Once you register, you can upload your pictures and create your photo album through the tools that the website provides, while after this process then you can select a small photo album that will costs you 29,95 Euros + 1.50 Euro per each extra paper (10 papers of 20 sheets basic), or you can select the middle photo album that costs 39,95 or the big one which costs 59,95 and has dimensions of 35 x 25 cm.

The website currently doesn’t support any import tools from any social media out there, which would ease the life of the customers a lot and create more interest in the web app, but in the current stage it only allows you to upload your pictures and create the album from them. What is left is the design and package selection and selecting your shipping address. 3 easy steps.