Founder Service to be launched in 2020 in Kosovo

The ACCESS project has announced that the Founder Service Portal will be launched during 2020. The Kosovo Business Registration Agency (KBRA), facilitated by ACCESS project, is in the final phase of launching the platform that will be accessible to all businesses.

The platform “Biznesi Im” will contain business tools and services that aim to help and support the young and existing entrepreneurs. Biznesi im will host online tools, including an online business plan, marketing plan, financial plan, star-up, and export self-assessments – all having dynamic forms that enable users to generate reports based on their inputted data. The platform will also serve as a coaching tool, where businesses will find supplement information on taxation, legal aspects of starting a business, financial literacy, digitalization, etc.

The platform is intended to trigger market system changes by addressing major obstacles for businesses, especially for those run by women and youngsters. The Founder Service Portal will contribute to increase the survival rate of start-ups and boost the growth of established MSMEs as well as support them in improving business performance and competitiveness.