Free accommodation for Football fans coming to Skopje, Macedonia

Tens of thousands of fans from Spain and England as well as all over the world are expected to pour into the Macedonian capital in a just a few days time, to watch the 42nd UEFA Super Cup Real Madrid vs Manchester United.

While this has not much to do with technology, entrepreneurship or startups, the price hike of the hotels in the recent days has caused an outrage of fans trying to find accommodation in the capital. However, the story becomes more interesting when you see that the Macedonian hotel and catering industry has decided to cash in on this – Big time.

If you want to stay in Skopje between August 7 and 9, tourists will have to pay from 500 up to 3,500 Euro. In comparison, the usual hotel prices range from 30 to 75 Euro per night!!!

Some of the would-be guests from the UK and Spain announced that they would book accommodation in other cities or even in the neighboring countries, and travel to Skopje for the match only.

As a reaction to the overpricing, some regular citizens of Skopje have decided to offer free beds in their homes to football fans who already have tickets for the match.

The best side of the story is that a bunch of young geeks and marketing professionals who call themselves ‘We Talk IT Community’ used their skills to create a platform that gives Manchester United and Real Madrid fans the means of connecting with people offering free accommodation for a night or two:

Their service is simple: connect football fans from all over the world with Macedonians who can offer free beds.

The platform is an open source project and everyone in the Tech community can contribute to improving it. Right now they have over 50 active listings with more than 100 available beds, published over the course of three days with over 2,000 web page shares.