From Stanford to Yale – Elizabeth Stark flyes to Kosovo for Dokutech

Elizabeth Stark has taught at Stanford and Yale about technology and the Internet.

Elizabeth Stark has taught at Stanford and Yale about technology and the Internet. She started Stanford’s Ideas for a Better Internet Program to engage students in working on projects to better the future of the net, and she is one of the many inspiring speakers of Dokutech this weekend.

Elizabeth Stark is a leader in the global free culture movement and is among the most influential women in Technology, as seen on Fast Company. She’s has spoken and researched extensively on the future of knowledge, open education and learning. She is a co-founder of the Open Video Alliance, which seeks to promote innovation and free expression in online video, and has produced related conferences that involved over 8,000 people in person and online.

A graduate of Harvard Law School, Stark founded the Harvard Free Culture Group and served on the board of directors of Students for Free Culture. While at Harvard, she was Editor-at-Large of the Harvard Journal of Law & Technology, and worked with the Harvard Advocates for Human Rights to make better use of new media to promote human rights.

Elizabeth spent years researching for the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard, and has taught courses ranging from Cyberlaw to Intellectual Property to Technology & Politics to Electronic Music. She recently produced the inaugural Open Video Conference in NYC, garnering nearly 9000 participants in person and across the web.

Elizabeth regularly gives talks around the world on free culture, and has collaborated with myriad organizations on promoting shared knowledge and the open web. She has lived and worked in Berlin, Singapore, Paris, and Rio de Janeiro, and speaks French, German, and Portuguese.

Stark has spent years working on open Internet issues, and was one of the key organizers in the anti-SOPA movement that engaged 18 million people worldwide. She serves as a mentor with the Thiel Fellowship, is an entrepreneur-in-residence at Stanford’s StartX and is working on an early-stage startup whose mission is to make knowledge more open and easily accessible.

Stark as a fanatic fan of Internet and during DOKU:TECH she will give practical tips how to use the power of technology to change the world! Don’t miss it.

Photo: Joi ITO