From Ukraine to Israel, SVOD Europe announces winners

SVOD Europe, supported by Google and held at its Europe HQ in Dublin, has announced the winners of the Startup Competition

SVOD Europe, supported by Google and held at its Europe HQ in Dublin, has announced the winners of the Startup Competition, choosing projects from Ireland, Israel, and the CEE region.

Irish Bioprinting company Ourobotics which is headed by Jemma Redmond has developed a bioprinter capable of printing limbs for use in medicine and as such has won the inaugural place. Israeli project Recast, with the main idea on “painting anyone next to or in place of famous actors in well-known scenes of famous movies & TV series, took second place, while Ukrainian project Wishround, a social payments and group purchase engine for e-commerce that enables group payments and consumer lending functionality, came in third.

All winners will now attend and present at the Silicon Valley Open Doors conference in the United States on May 25th this year. Our robotics also won a Google Adwords credits to promote its business.


It was fantastic that, in a competition based purely on the merit of business and technological advantages, our winner is a female founder from Ireland. Her project beats off stiff competition from 25 Startups from across Europe to win the competition.- said Anna Dvornikova, Founder of SVOD Europe.


The theme of the conference was Unicorn vs Narwhal. Myth vs Reality and tackled the rivalry between tech companies that use different investment strategies, whether it is the all-you-can-eat or eat-only-to-live approach, at various stages of development. Experts like Brian Caulfield (Draper Esprit), Alexander Galitsky (AlmazCapital), Uri Adoni (JVP), Deborah Magid (IBM), Paddy Flynn (Google Dublin), Damian Byrne (PWC), Steve Emecz (Powa Technologies), Ariel Rosenstein, (SimilarWeb) and others, joined 5 panel discussions. The event was held over two days, January 27th and 28th.

The event was held in Dublin with the support of key sponsors Almaz Capital Partners, PWC and Google.


Ourobotics – First place at the SVOD Europe Startup Competition


“The idea behind the event is to provide a platform for efficient networking between entrepreneurs from Central and Eastern Europe and investors and experts from Western Europe and Silicon Valley.

With a 3:1 ratio i.e one investor to every three entrepreneurs there was a high level of interest and excellent networking opportunities for both at the event said in a press statement, Denis Dovgopoliy, Executive director of SVOD Europe.

On the other hand Alexander Galitsky, co-founder and Managing Partner of Almaz Capital Partners, said that:What really makes this event a success is the high quality of startups involved, and for investors it is interesting to see who will capture the imagination you are afraid to miss out on a hot investment!. This event is where Western Europe meets Eastern and Central Europe, as well as the USA and we, were certainly introduced to some very promising companies.

Damian Byrne from PWC Partner added that Talent is the key driver of success and that it’s very important to invest at the outset in the support structures, including IP, legal, finance and others. On the other hand Google Director Paddy Flynn said that:We strongly believe in supporting the Startup community and this event is another great opportunity for the Irish and European Startup community to connect with US and local investors and as a location Ireland is now seen as major tech hub and is very well placed with its US and European connections.

The next SVOD Europe conference will be held within Kiev Startup Week in Kyiv in April 2016.

The SVOD Europe conference was launched in 2015, but its history began in 2005 when the boutique conference Silicon Valley Open Doors (SVOD) first connected startups with high-profile investors and other market leaders in Silicon Valley. The list of past speakers includes: George Zachary (Charles River Ventures), Pitch Johnson, Steve Jurvetson (DFJ), Alfred Lin (Sequoia Capital), Tim Draper, Esther Dyson, Max Levchin (PayPal, Yahoo!), Steve Blank, Guy Kawasaki, John Morgridge (Cisco), Ron Conway, Charles Giancarlo (SilverLake), Vinod Khosla, and many other amazing people.

The SVOD Europe conference was created to allow tech leaders from Eastern Europe to connect with their counterparts from more established tech ecosystems, in an attempt to help entrepreneurship to flourish in this region. The program includes speeches from a brilliant lineup of guests, as well as the Startup Competition, which allows 25 pre-selected startups to present their products and services to prospective investors. Notable participants of the SVOD conference Startup Competition include Viewdle (acquired by Google), Looksery (acquired by SnapChat), InvisibleCRM, Wrike, Trucker Path, Eccentex, DriveWay, etc.

Digjitale was one of the main media partners from the CEE region for the SVOD Europe Conference.