A week full of Barcamps during GEW in Kosovo

Today officially market the kick-off day of the Global Entrepreneurship Week for Kosovo as well, with the launch event “Rock Entrepreneurial Monday” focused on the talk about social media in business. While on the other hand IPKO Foundation together with the awesome community of different cities around Kosovo is making sure to have a blast of Barcamp events, starting with Ferizaj, Gjilan, Prishtina, Prizren and engine with Gjakova.

Barcamp Ferizaj #3, 19 November 2013

Starting at 17:00 at the city of Ferizaj, participants will have the chance to hear talks on architecture, CNC and tech startups, featuring speakers Astrit Granica, director of Line Group, Enver Haliti director of MECATYP-KS and Flakerim Ismani head of Urban Way. The location is set for Orchide Bar & Restaurant while for those who come in time, they will get a free drink as well.

Barcamp Gjilan #3, 20 November 2013

Florian Kurteshi and Nije Ismaili-Kurtesh two founders of a private kindergarden called “Hello”, will talk about the importance of education for kids, while Bardha Agushi and Drenusha Hajdini, have a special focus on their talk about jewellery and decorations, through their store called LOA-Gift Shop. Mjellma Doli will be the last speaker on “Social Media for supporting the local innovation”, which is a UNDP Project going on around Kosovo. The location will be at the City Theatre of Gjilan, while the support for the event comes from IPKO Foundation and UNDP.

Barcamp Prishtina #17, 21 November 2013
The main Barcamp event where everything start for this community comes with the 17th edition brining great speakers focused on entrepreneurship and innovation. Vllaznim Xhiha, Linda Shala and Gentian Lluka, will be present to talk about their experiences into jumping the entrepreneurship movements during their career path and the ups and downs that they faced. The location will be ODA Theatre in Prishtina, while those who come in time will get the chance to have a drink and do some pre-networking.

Barcamp Prizren #6, 22 November 2013
Galdim Jusufi, a young entrepreneur in the hotel industry will be talking about his experience in this field while focusing on the tourism importance since Prizren is considered to be the tourist destination in Kosovo. Besim Dida will be the next spacer focusing on who I turned a failed project into a successful one and how he came to the portal, focusing on the needs of the pupils. While Anea Hapciu will be present to relax the audience with her talk on how she launched the first Yoga studio in Kosovo. The location is Hobbiton in Prizren, while everything has been done thanks to NGO THY, and support form IPKO Foundation as well.

Barcamp Gjakova #4, 23 November 2013 
Edi Bunjaku, Leonora Kusari, Fatos Stavileci and Valmir Mustafa are the announced speakers for Barcamp in Prizren, with speeches focused on how Logistics Plus has been established, how hard it is to be a women in leading positions in Kosovo, how a small company has managed innovation in broadband networks and how a everything was launched with the EYE Venture’ competition in Kosovo to support entrepreneurship in the country. The location is Del House in Gjakova, while the organisation is done through KAQ and support from IPKO Foundation.

All events are organised as part of the Global Entrepenurship Week Kosovo, hosted by the Innovation Centre Kosovo in co-operation with partners.