Goodwerp, selected as winner of EYE Venture’14

Kosovo’s Acceleration Fund, Encouraging Young Entrepreneurs – EYE has announced today the winners of the first stage of the EYE Venture’14 competition, putting into spotlight, featured a couple of days ago on, through an interview with it’s founder Valon Sopi.

Valmir Mustafa from EYE, announced that after 28 applications that were received during the first stage of EYE Venture’14, the jury has decided to select four applications and out of those the top three teams include, Smard Squared and SociaLive.

Goodwerp will receive a grant price of 2,000 EUR and continue to be supported and mentored by EYE’s professional coaching team, while the second place Smard Squared and SociaLive, will receive 1,500 EUR, respectively 1,000 EUR, and they will also benefit from the mentorship program in further business development.

Smard squared is a start-up mentioned in the list of top 10 startups to follow from Kosovo in 2014, while the market hasn’t been able to see their product on home automatization yet, on the other hand SociaLive, looks like a new start-up/tool aimed at offering free consulting for early stage start-ups and other non-profit organizations, in the field of green technology, ecology or related. And no it has nothing to do with the SociaLive app.

The competition EYE Venture’14 now enters into a second stage which includes further business development support and other funding opportunities, while in a brief press release and post on Facebook the fund announced a big thank you to all the participating teams of this years competition, which is the second after the launch of the first one in 2013, and with the selection of Phronesis Technologies as the winning company.